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Founder Blue Sky Republic, Creative Leadership Coach, Founder DesignThinkers Academy, DesignThinkers Group, Artis & Photographer

Silence is golden, but in more ways than you might think.

It seems that, more than ever, we long for moments of peace & quiet, the calm, the tranquil and mindful. And where there is a need there is an opportunity to do business. Silence as a product. It’s like oxygen in a can () or when your tapwater at home is just as good. You already have it!

Maybe we overcomplicate things a bit? Maybe you don’t need to be a Buddhist Monk, a Yogi or psychotherapist… maybe…

When you have 20/20 vision you have have clarity of vision or see details with precision. And also a ‘2020 Vision’ (or often a Vision 2020) is something all companies developed as a horizon to reach some goals. Remember that? Remember also that the closer we got to the year 2020 the less people talked about it?

Now it struck me (like it probably struck you) that 2020 has gained a very new or additional meaning… it’s almost spooky if you think about it. …

Surf’s Up

Isn’t it funny, or rather ironic how it takes social distancing to bring us closer together… A quarantine to build community, being united in isolation. I really hope this total lock down is a key to open our mind. I’ve seen people close the door but open their eyes, their ears and their hearts. Let us hope these are the things that will remain.

Like you I am worried about what’s going on. My parents are vulnerable. I’m an employer. I have kids… It’s like being in an episode of the Twilight Zone (very old TV series)


This Webinar, first and foremost, is meant to give something of value to this amazing community of creative thinkers and doers. This is a time where we need to support each other with whatever we can do.

Besides that, this Seminar is also an experiment to learn from this current crisis. We need to learn how to change the way we work, how we can adapt, work remotely and still create meaningful solutions and how we make sure we won’t ‘go back to normal’ when this crisis is over.a

16:00–18:00 CET
Wednesday 25 March

Here’s the link you need…

Subconsciously Arrogant

A few days ago my wife said the following to me: “Arne you are subconsciously arrogant”. She is a very wise woman.

I asked my friends if this was true and if so… what it meant according to them. Everyone agreed.

They explained that I can come across as overwhelming, too forceful when in the same time distant and in my own bubble, leaving people behind… and yes… arrogant. But they also know I am not really.

Oh man…. it takes true friends to hold up a mirror to you. And you know they are friends when they…

Creative Leadership Program 2020

Our Creative Leadership Program is developed for people who are growing, but still trying to understand their future role. Questions they have are e.g. “How do I become an authentic leader?”, “How can I create a safe space for my teams so they can be truly creative and high performing”, “How can I be a leader to a new generation of people and within new agile company structures”, “How can I drive change without depending on top-town hierarchy?”, “What will my job title be in 5 years time?”, “How do I grow and have a career in my company without being further removed from what I love to do every time I get promoted?”….

Our Creative Leadership Program will help answer these questions.

Check out the program:

Your truth is not my truth — Design Thinking Conference 2020

I’d like to share a little of what you can expect from the Design Thinking Conference 2020.

But first let me share these thoughts with you…

I find it really hard to believe that this year we will organize the 4th edition of the Design Thinking Conference. It all started as an experiment, an attempt to practice what we preach, break the mold of conferences, blend it with improv and theatre and create something new and exciting. …

A creative leader understands creative problem solving. Here are some thoughts and a technique/ exercise I recommend and I’m sure you will enjoy.

Creative problem solving starts by recognizing (behavioral/ systemic) patterns by observation, changing perspectives and creating interventions. Interventions help you recognize patterns and will help to understand how to change or replace them with new patterns.

We are all part of systems and our brain is conditioned / programmed. However, you can train yourself in recognizing patterns. …

- It is said that the single most important skill for any job in the future is creativity. Whether it relates to the leadership, the human-machine collaboration or the future of the design work, the key capabilities that are needed are creativity, creative leadership, and creative problem solving. The new toolbox of the future leaders includes: design thinking, systems thinking, strategic design and strategic foresight. The soft stuff is the hard stuff of the future.-

I am writing this post to share with you why we have developed a 4-month .

DesignThinkers Academy alumni

I’ve been, and still am, interviewing creative…

The world is my colouring book

When I was young I wanted to be a travel photographer for National Geographic magazine. I wanted to be one of those adventurers who would capture mind-blowing images in remote and undiscovered corners of the world. (yes the world has no corners… you smart-ass)

However I also discovered that I don’t like to be alone and photography is a lonely profession. And I realized I’m a ‘reluctant traveller’ and a hermit… that might seem paradoxical, but it is true nevertheless. I am just like you… complicated.

So I didn’t pursue this dream and did…

Arne van Oosterom

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