The Creative and The Outcast

I’m considered by many to be a very creative person, but in fact, I just have a hard time thinking like I’m supposed to think. Doing what I’m supposed to do. Or rather, what I assume is ‘normal’. I need to solve my inabilities. Or that’s what it feels like to me. I also know I’m not alone in feeling that way.

We are part of systems and made-up constructs that drive our collective behaviour. Those who fit in have it easy. Those who do not fit in have a more difficult time. On the edge of that spectrum, you need to become more creative. You need to pretend to fit in and often go through life feeling or being treated like an outsider, misfit… outcast…

On the other hand, creativity is a human survival skill. It helps us solve small and big problems. We use it all the time, every day. When are you considered a creative person anyway? Is that a label you can also give to yourself or is it always awarded by others? Not sure how that works. But I think we are all creatives on some level.

So, I hereby award all of you that label. Someone has to do it.

Enjoy your creativity and the newsletter!



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Arne van Oosterom

Podcaster, Founder Blue Sky Republic, Creative Leadership Coach, Founder DesignThinkers Academy, DesignThinkers Group, Artis & Photographer