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Arne van Oosterom
3 min readMar 18, 2020


This Webinar, first and foremost, is meant to give something of value to this amazing community of creative thinkers and doers. This is a time where we need to support each other with whatever we can do.

Besides that, this Seminar is also an experiment to learn from this current crisis. We need to learn how to change the way we work, how we can adapt, work remotely and still create meaningful solutions and how we make sure we won’t ‘go back to normal’ when this crisis is over.a

16:00–18:00 CET
Wednesday 25 March

Here’s the link you need to register for the Zoom Webinar!

Our aim is to experiment with creating an interactive session, or rather a meaningful conversation. Our 4 panelists will all briefly introduce a theme followed by a Q&A.

Questions we are not able answer during the webinar will be answered in a follow up article.


Esther Thole — Viruses: part of life? -
Esther will be talking about viruses, not so much about SARS-CoV-2, but about viruses in general: what is a virus, how did they originate, how do they work, where are they located in the tree of life (spoiler: nowhere, because they are not considered a true life-form, she will explain why), how many different ones are there (spoiler: too many to count), are they all pathogenic, how come we can still be surprised by new viruses, do they have useful/benign functions as well (spoiler: yes, they do).

Esther is a freelance science journalist and writer, with a particular interest in the chemistry of living and life-like systems, the chemical origins of life and the transformation of molecular interactions to the macroscopic effects that we encounter in everyday life. She is editor at NEMO Kennislink (visit here), which is the leading, free Dutch online news resource on science and technology and she is a regular contributor to various magazines that focus on chemistry and life sciences.

David Kester — Playing to peak strengths -
How we tap our peak strengths as innovators to help ourselves, our colleagues and businesses to adapt in uncertain times.

David Kester leads and advises on complex innovation projects for government and industry, pioneering new ways to turn social and business challenges into innovation and enterprise. Formerly chief executive of both the British Design Council and D&AD, David is an honorary professor at Warwick Business School and the founder of Design Thinkers Academy London.

John Vorhaus — How to be more effective in groups -
John has a whole big collection of easy, intuitive tools that he uses to create better process and better outcomes in collaborative and co-creative situations. John is going to share as many as he can during this short talk.

John is best known for his comedy-writing textbook, THE COMIC TOOLBOX: HOW TO BE FUNNY EVEN IF YOU’RE NOT. That book, like its author, has traveled all over the world making life easier for comedy writers and creative strivers of every kind. In his time, John has worked as a screenwriter, a novelist, a poker expert, a singer-songwriter, an artist, a “network executive in charge of development,” and Santa Claus on stilts. His latest book is THE BOOK OF PRACTICE: HOW TO DO BETTER AT WHAT YOU WANT TO DO WELL.

Arne van Oosterom — A Movement starts within you -
In his talk Arne will share his vision on how future organizations will (or should) operate and why we need a new kind of leadership.

Arne is a creative disruptor and entrepreneur. In 2006 he founded DesignThinkers Group and has over a decade of experience leading, facilitating and teaching creative teams around the world. Arne is also the founder of the DesignThinkers Academy, the annual Design Thinking Conference and is head of faculty at the Creative Leadership Platform.

Hope to see you there!!



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