Arne van Oosterom
2 min readDec 23, 2022


I like beginnings and starting things. The smell and empty pages of a new notebook and a new pencil I just bought. In fact, I like the anticipation even more. I don’t like to think about the end. I hardly ever do. This is probably why I have a hard time finishing what I started.

A friend and colleague of mine, Marc Bolick, recently told me this story. He said: “Arne, I see you walking on the beach, lighting a bonfire, playing some guitar and inviting people to join and slowly more people start joining. Then after a while, someone suddenly notices I’m not there anymore and they see me further down the beach… starting another fire.”

This is my life.

Everything ends if we like it or not and whether we designed it or not. Endings are just as important as beginnings, and maybe even more. A good story needs an ending. As I’m getting older I am confronted with more endings. Last week my parents, my sister and I visited a ‘natural graveyard’ to reserve a spot for my parents. My mother is very ill and selecting and seeing the beautiful place she’ll be buried gives her peace of mind. She said, “I’m almost looking forward to it”. I’m grateful to share these last moments with my mother.

So needless to say, endings have been on my mind. I think I need to reassess.

What about you? Do you start with the end in mind?

Hopefully, this newsletter gives you something to ponder over before the new year starts.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Blue Sky Republic.

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Arne van Oosterom

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