Don’t compete with tech. You already lost.


I’m fascinated by the concerns creative professionals have about AI.

Artists, photographers, writers, designers (etc.) are scratching their head, wondering if AI can replace them.

But if there is one group that should embrace the new tool its creative thinkers & doers.

The intervention created by new tech (currently AI/ Machine Learning) is disrupting the status-quo and causes chaos, and this is when a new generation of inventors and creative thinkers will emerge. This is why we have been teaching people to be entrepreneurial, agile, creative and lateral thinkers.

So, don’t compete with tech. Technology should free you to focus on what is most important to you, your community, work and the planet.

This is your time. Embrace it. Enjoy it. Surprise us.



Arne van Oosterom

Podcaster, Founder Future Skills Academy, Blue Sky Republic, Creative Leadership Coach, Founder DesignThinkers Academy and Group