Do you have (a) 2020 Vision?

When you have 20/20 vision you have have clarity of vision or see details with precision. And also a ‘2020 Vision’ (or often a Vision 2020) is something all companies developed as a horizon to reach some goals. Remember that? Remember also that the closer we got to the year 2020 the less people talked about it?

Now it struck me (like it probably struck you) that 2020 has gained a very new or additional meaning… it’s almost spooky if you think about it.
Did we feel (way back) that 2020 was going to tell us something this profound, but we just did not realize it would be out of our control and we would not be the architects of it?

At this moment ‘2020 Vision’ turned into metaphor or framework we can carry with us into the future as a moment of reflection and learning. What is your answer to the question “What is your 2020 vision” or “do you have a 2020 Vision”? It is not set I the future, but it can still be used to steer us. But not a set of vague often unrealistic set off organizational goals to appease shareholders (me cynical? no…), but as a profound learning experience we had in the past… and we learn from the past, don’t we?

I don’t about you, but as I told many of you, the last few weeks I felt like being in a episode of the Twilight Zone. Everything looks the same, but is strange and unsettling. So It’s fitting to end this short article with the closing narration of The Twilight Zone episode called 20/20 Vision.

“Accidents will happen, and Warren Cribbens had a lucky break. Instead of blindly following orders, his eyes were opened and he saw humanity and discovered it was his greatest asset. Add him to the list of those who have peered into…the Twilight Zone.”

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