… Block

Arne van Oosterom
2 min readNov 5, 2021

This article is not an article… it’s improvised and spontaneous rambling.

I have a Writers block… or rather a ‘thinkers block’… I’m sure that's not a thing, but I’m having it.

I don’t know what to write about, since everything is already been or being said. There is so much information and so many people talking over each other. The noise is deafening everytime I open the laptop door to any social media platform.

I do not have a Creators Block. I just don’t know what to write in my role as design thinker, service designer, founder… consultant. I’d like to take that jacket off and try on a new coat… But there are so many options, and that makes me insecure.

I don’t have a Listening Block. Right now it’s just a lot of noise. And I know what noise is… I suffer from tinnitus. I’ve played in a band most of my life and I should have protected my ears. I finally started ear protection... too late. Modern ear protection can reduce the decibels, but still let the music come through.

I need these for my life. Maybe I should have one I can switch on and off. When I need silence I can just switch them on and I only hear sweat music come through.

I want to be a Maker again and make things with my hands. Real and tangible.

Okay, this all sound very frustrated, and I am not. I’m searching for a new part to play. I’m in a vacuum and this is both exciting and a tiny bit frightening.

I like the vacuum, the space in-between. It’s is where you can see connections and, for a little while, be part of many bubbles. I like people who don’t fit in, and gave up trying. Maybe I’ve been trying to fit in again and I should stop.

I wonder… What comes after 20 years of Design Thinking.

Do you know?

Sorry for the rambling… please don’t block me.



Arne van Oosterom

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